Treysen's Holland Lops

Here is Treysen's page where you can see the current bunnies in the barn and stay up to date on new litters of kits as well as awards and updates from the latest shows his rabbits have attended. 

Meet Treysen's Christmas present Kaire. He is a proven pedigreed senior Black Tort Holland Lop buck. Born May 9, 2016. He has the funniest personality ever. Every time I come into the rabbitry he is dancing in circles and making little noises of excitement. He spins and chirps and simply can't wait until you pick him up and pet him. He is such a mellow guy and I think Treysen is going to absolutely love him. A big thank you goes to Rocky Meadow Farm for letting us add this wonderful guy to my son's holland lop herd.

Meet Kana a pedigree Black Tort holland lop doe born on June 7, 2018.  Our first holland lop to join the bowery herd; she came home with us from Texas Wild Hares at the Mesquite, TX show on November 03, 2018.  She is settled in quite well if with a smart little attitude.  She likes to nibble on your fingers when they smell like food, so Treysen is learning to work with her before feeding her and not afterwards.  Otherwise she is a treat to have around.  She loves to be held and get attention.  And is currently learning how to pose better for the judges.

Her Awards:
1st in Class Youth Show Windy Plains RBA Stillwater, OK 11-10-18

Meet Peanut Butter born on December 17, 2018 my youngest daughter and her brother picked out a name for her the minute she was unloaded from the car.  She has been calm and easy to handle and has the potential to help us improve our breeding stock come fall when we are ready for our next breeding.  We have been looking for a doe to help add strong ankles and bone to our Hollands and with the help of Cindi Hinton from Quietcreek Farm we were able to bring home our newest little girl.

Our second litter of Holland Lops arrived on 2-20-19.  Our black tort pair Kana and Kaire had four energetic and squirmy kits.  Only one of them ended up being a doe and she is hopefully joining our show team in a couple of months when she is big enough and has filled out a little bit.  My son has named her Enekya.

Lots of new rabbits and photos coming to the website soon.  I have gotten a little bit behind on getting things posted the last couple of months.  So Check back for updates.


  1. Do you have any Holland young does available?

    1. Thank you for your interest in our Holland Lops, unfortunately, both our breeding age does missed their last breeding cycle, so I don't have anything available at this time. We will be rebreeding soon, but January will be the earliest at this point.