Thursday, September 20, 2018

One Mama Rabbit Fully Recovered

As some of you know Eclipse came to us the day before she kindled and delivered two beautiful gray kits.  Unfortunately she also had delivery complications and had a small prolapse injury.  We have been worrying over her and tending to her everyday.  Today I am so pleased to announce that after some very tense days, lots of tender loving care and watchfulness that Eclipse our lionhead mix mama has made a complete recovery.  She should not be bred again due to this and it is most likely for the injury to reoccur if she has another pregnancy, but once her kits are weaned  on October 14th she will be ready for a new home where she can be cuddled and adored and pampered.  We are asking only $20.00 for her at this time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Our Black & Broken New Zealands Have Arrived

Black Doe
Wait until to you see the latest additions to our rabbit family.  It was after giving breeds and purpose a lot of thought and consideration that I came to the conclusion that I just love color.  The white new zealand rabbits didn't have the appeal to the me that the red and the black ones do and the broken ones and I love.

Black Broken Doe #2
So after looking for breeders and having one come recommended by several different people I made a day trip of it and headed out to Tyler Texas.  It was quite the trip is sprinkling rain and a bunny to pick up and transport for the rabbitry I was was purchasing from along the way, but I made it without much of a problem and was delighted to meet and spend some time with Bonita Hunt at Baileywick Rabbitry.

Black Broken Doe
She talked to me about coat condition and cleaning and how to deal with molting and long trips.  We talked about shows and breeders she knew and groups to join.  Shows that are worth going to, and equipment she loves and can't live without.  I have been so surprised with the entire rabbit community so far.  They seem so willing to share information and to teach, but maybe that is simply because it on a subject that each of us is passionate about and enjoys.  Regardless of the reason I learned a lot that day and brought home four rabbits that I am settling in and joining already.  I am looking forward to breeding and showing them this fall and seeing what the future brings with our our beginning adventures into the rabbity husbandry business.  You will have to forgive the photos since the poor things have brown spots from misters keeping them cool all summer.
Black Buck

Monday, September 10, 2018

New Bunnies in the Bowery!

So last week was my birthday and to celebrate we added two fantastic new Red New Zealands to the breeding bowery.  Our reds traveled from Duncan, OK and a big thank you goes to Laura Thomas for all her instruction and time she has so graciously given to helping me choose our new rabbits.  The kids have already fallen in love and they have been named Carrots and Scarlett.  They are both already registered for the Tulsa State Fair and we are excited to add them to our show docket.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Look at Those Eyes!

Look who made it to eye opening day.  These two little balls of fur are finally 11 days old and are starting to open their eyes and explore the world.  The kids love to hold and cuddle these little guys and I am sure they will be hopping everywhere very soon now.  Want to help us name them?  Leave a comment below with your fun whimsical suggestion.