Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Book Spotlight

Today I am doing a book Spotlight. The title of the book is "Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits" by Bob Bennett.

Originally it was written in 1936 it has been updated several times. This book is an excellent resource for anyone raising rabbits. It covers so much information you need to know and really helped me to get us started on the right foot with our rabbits. From why raise them, to how to pick the right breed for you it moves on to housing and equipment needed, feeding rabbits, and breeding how to's it also covers things to look out for that could be a problem and marketing, composting for the garden, showing rabbits and in the back it has a little bit about cooking them as well if you decide on meat rabbits. This is a book that I still refer back to when I have an issue pop up.

The only draw back to this resource is that since it was written in the 1930's the price guides have never been updated, and things cost more then the author talks about them costing back then. So ignore the price check guides and you will have an amazing resource to help you improve on your rabbit raising journey.