Mini Lops

We are pleased to announce that as of 2-29-20 we have started raising Mini Lops.  We hope to have our page information updated soon with photos.

Clarissa and I have completely fallen in love with our mini lops.  They have such sweet and wonderful temperament.  We have now had the opportunity to watch our first litters grow up and be judged on a couple of shows that we have been able to attend since February of 2020.  And now we are excited to introduce our starter herd to you.  Our focus here at Burton Bunny Bowery is going to be raising the best chestnuts and black chinchillas that we possibly can.

Meet BBB's Neverwinter our first homegrown solid chestnut buck.  He was born on 4-18-20 and has some excellent bloodlines coming from Scott's, Harmon's, TAF's and 4S rabbits.  We find him to be a joy to have in the rabbitry and are looking forward to him giving us a solid start at building our barn and herd.

Meet BBB's Sir Lancelot.  A solid chestnut buck born on 7-3-20.  A younger brother from another litter to Neverwinter he had too much potential to do anything other then to let him our show team and eventfully see how he would handle being a herd sire in the future if he does well on the table.  We are looking forward to seeing what the judges say at future shows.

Meet TAF's Rainbow.  She is a solid chestnut doe who was born on 8-16-19  She one of our first trio of rabbits that we purchased to get us started with mini lops.  She has been on the show table several times and is registered.  She now gets to retire from showing and be a mama for us to help us improve and develop our chestnut line.  Both of our boys Neverwinter and Sir Lancelot are from her.  She has some good bloodlines and is from 4S, TAF's, Scott's and Harmon's.  We are expecting great things from her and love the fact that she is an excellent mom who also enjoys pets and attention.

Meet TAF's Andi.  She is a solid chestnut who was also born on 8-16-19 and is Rainbow's sister.  She came to us at the same time and has done well, not only on the show table but also as being a mom.  She is on the list to have her registered in the near future and we already have one of her babies on our show team that is doing well.  We have been super grateful to Ashley Bradley at Triple A Farms for helping us get started with this beautiful breed.
Her Awards:
BOSV (1st Leg) 2-29-20 at Southwest MO Hare Raisers Youth Show

Meet 4S Moxy.  She is a broken chestnut doe who was born on 11-9-19.  She is out of Scott's, Harmon's and 4S bloodlines and we bought her help us add the broken gene and color to our lines.  She is a big girl and while she may not be part of our show team due to her size we are very please with her type and look forward to the improvements she can bring to our herd as a brood doe and mother.

Meet BBB's Shiitake she was born on 4-15-20 and is a solid chestnut doe.  Due to covid she has not had the chance to attend more then 1 show yet, but we are hoping that she will be joining us at the next one coming up in March 2021.

Meet TAF's Little Marigold she was born on 4-27-20 and is a broken chestnut doe.  Due to covid she has not had the chance to attend more then 1 show yet, but we are hoping that she will be joining us at the next one coming up in March 2021.

Meet BBB's Alice a solid chestnut doe born on 6-7-20.  One of Andi's first babies, she showed well at the first show she attended.  We are looking forward to seeing more of what she has to offer at our spring shows this coming year.

Meet BBB's Gingersnap born on 7-3-20.  She is a solid chestnut doe with quite the personality.  She would much rather explore the world or climb in your lap for attention than sit still and be judged.  We are soft hearted and give in to her more then we should and she has learned that if she licks my hand and puts her front paws up on my chest she gets more attention and less posing time.  She is one smart cookie.  We are looking forward to seeing what the judges think of her in the future.

Meet BBB's Omega Doom.  He is a solid black chinchilla buck who was born on 7-3-20.  He comes from the same excellent bloodlines as our first two bucks Neverwinter and Sir Lancelot and he is single handedly the one rabbit responsible for helping us choose our focus for our rabbitry.  We started with chestnuts and fell in love with the black chinchilla color.  He will be staying on as a future herd sire for this colors bloodline.

Meet TBL's Lady a broken black chinchilla doe who was born on 7-4-20.  We discovered her at the last show we attended and immediately felt like we hit the jackpot.  She has some great head and crown that she is growing into and we are looking forward to seeing her on the show table as well as seeing how she does as a mama once we start breeding her with Omega Doom and beginning our Chinchilla line.  She has quite the list when you look at her pedigree with TBL. Melting Pot Farms, Fields', Allen's, Comeaux's, Myrtles and LSR's in her lines.  We are hoping she will mesh well with our buck and produce some nice babies in the future.  A big thank goes to Tabytha Little from TBL Rabbitry for letting us bring this little Lady home and into our herd.


  1. Do you have any mini lops for sale at current moment

  2. Hi, I’m new to Oklahoma and interested in learning about breeding/showing. I was wondering if you are open to a visitor. I want to learn and I’d also like to get a pet in the meantime.

    1. Thanks for your interest and looking us up on Facebook. It was nice to chat with you and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

  3. I was wondering if you had any chestnut mini lops for sale at the moment.