Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Downloadable Rabbit Inspection Buying & Selling Checklist

So as you all know I have been building our foundation herd over the last several months.  Well building up a herd of animals comes with a lot of talking to breeders, a lot of looking over animals, and a lot of buying animals.  One of the first farms I visited: The Chughole Farm Rabbitry had a sales checklist that they use anytime an animal is purchased by them or from them.

Being new to raising and showing rabbits this checklist seemed like an absolute must to me.  It would allow me to evaluate the rabbits where ever I was and give me something concrete when we get to point of selling our own rabbits as well.  So I took her idea and I ran with it.  I brought the sheet I filled out for the rabbits I bought from her home and I looked it over.

Then I started changing it. I needed to add the things I wanted to make sure that I checked and I also changed the wording to how I wanted it to read.  Once I was happy with it, I started using this little one page check list with every rabbit that I have purchased and even the couple of rabbits that we have sold already.

Every time I have used this checklist the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Many people have commented on what a great idea it is and how they have never thought to do this.  Or that more people should look their rabbit over before buying it.

Since this is a resource that seems like it would be well received and there are many members in the rabbit community that would benefit from having this available to them I am pleased to add this form to my blog and make it available to all of you.

Here is a sample of what the form looks like:

My hope in creating this free resource is to promote better awareness and add to the responsible purchase and sale of rabbits.  As my own children show an interest in raising their own breeds of rabbits I know this will also go a long way in helping our youth and 4-H groups.  It will help teach them how to inspect an animal they intend to purchase.  And if we start to be more careful and only buy healthy animals that will be a good thing for the entire rabbit industry whether you are breeding, showing or just keeping a pet for the family.

I have the Xcel file available through google drive to download here.  This is a free printable resource.  Please feel free the make changes to it to suit your needs and use as many copies as you like.  I only ask that you direct people to my blog to download their own copy and do not host the file anywhere on the internet without written permission from me.  Thank you.  If you love the sale checklist sheet and want to say thanks we are always accepting donations to help feed the rabbits.

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