Friday, November 30, 2018

Free Download: Mini Rex Evaluation Rating Sheet

Recently I created a new zealand evaluation and rating sheet to help me with the process of understanding and evaluating my rabbits when it comes to deciding which rabbits I should be breeding to which and which kits and juniors are showing the best development and body type to keep for the show team and as future breeders.  And since I found it so helpful I decided that a rating sheet for my daughter to use with her mini rexes would be worth taking the time to put together as well.

So, I spent  a couple of afternoons combing through and pouring over the 2016-2020 Standard of Perfection and I put together a three page rating sheet to help me remember what to look for as I evaluate my bucks and does for breeding pairs and for evaluating the future litters they will have.

Here is a sample of the tri-color section.  I created a two page general evaluation sheet and then created a six page sheet where I break down each color variety with requirements to look for and score as well as their faults to check for and disqualifications (D/Q) to evaluate.  The idea behind this is that you can simply select and print only the color variety that you need to evaluate.

Since I am hoping this will be a great tool, I am making it available to you as well.  This is a free printable resource.  Please feel free the make changes to it to suit your needs and use as many copies as you like.  I only ask that you direct people to my blog to download their own copy and do not host the file anywhere on the internet without written permission from me.  Thank you.  You can check it out and download it for free from google drive here: Mini Rex Rating Sheet Download.

As always, I would love to hear from you.  If you have comments or suggestions about how to make this form better send them my way.  Or if you have a story about how this form has helped you I would love to hear about it.  If you love the rating sheet and want to say thanks we are always accepting donations to help feed the rabbits.


  1. What a great resource! Do you have a downloadable version of your NZ form?

    1. I do have a download available for my New Zealand Form you can find it under Our Links on the right hand side of the website as New Zealand Rating Sheet Free Download. That will take you to the blog post with the link for downloading it. I hope that helps you find it.

  2. Found it. You’ve done a great job on this!