Monday, February 17, 2020

Emergency Night in the Rabbitry

Well, the good news is two of our black New Zealand does are nesting and getting ready to have their babies tonight. The bad news is one of them has delivered two kits on the wire already and I am not sure which one. It could be a long night as I warm kits and sit up in the barn so we don't lose more then the first one born. Prayers these deliveries go well.

Update: it is now the wee hours of Tuesday morning and I figured out who was having babies on the wire. She delivered her first 3 there even though she had a beautiful nest she had been building for days just a hop away. The rest of her kits she finally delivered in her nest box. So I guess there is hope for this mama yet. 13 kits, but only 10 of them made it. We will have to wait and see how they do over the next day or two. Hopefully we won't lose any more and she produces enough milk. Her sister next to her also delivered her kits all in a toasty warm nest box like a good mama. There were eight of them in that litter. I am crossing my fingers that they are done having babies and I am headed to bed for a few hours sleep before the kids need to be up and it's time to feed everyone.