Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Let the Babies Arrive

Tourmaline's Kits
Periwinkle's Kits

This last month has been a busy one here in the rabbitry. We have babies, babies and more babies. Our next round has started arriving.  Our white New Zealand Periwinkle just had a healthy litter of 5; and our broken black doe Tourmaline's litter was big with 9.  Our Mini Rex tri-color doe Gylfie just had her first litter of 4, our broken black doe Oreo had 5 and our tri-color doe Marshmallow just delivered 5 last night.  Plus our last group of litters are now bouncing around with their eyes open and exploring and being held and loved on by the kids. We are looking forward to seeing who has show team potential and what not.  All of our mini rex will be available once they get to 8 weeks old as we are making plans to raise and show a new rabbit breed.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Mini Rex are Moving Out

My daughter Clarissa has decided to try a new breed and we are moving out our mini rexes to make room. Anyone interested in details please feel free to PM me. This is just one photo of the several that we have available at this time.