Sunday, September 27, 2020

Alvarado, TX Show Results Are In

We had a fantastic couple days on Friday and Saturday at the Johnson County RBA & Southwest RBA Triple show in Alvarado, TX. It was so good to see rabbit friends we haven't seen in ages. We visited, we groomed rabbits, we watched the judging and even listened to part of Robinson Crusoe during our drive home. A big thank you to the registrar who helped us register 6 of our herd. And a big thank to the judges and the staff of volunteers that worked so hard to put on the show.

Mini Satin Copper Buck TB32T BOV x3
Mini Satin Otter doe Star BOV x3

Holland Lop doe Tandoori BOSV x3, BOSx2, 2 legs

New Zealand red buck I Lava U BOV, BOS, 1 leg
New Zealand broken red doe Sugarberry BOSV, 1 leg
New Zealand black doe Love Melody BOV
New Zealand red doe Camellia BOSV, 1 leg
New Zealand white doe Morning Glory BOV, 1 leg

English Spot chocolate doe Reese's BOV x2, BOB x2
English Spot blue buck Penn BOVx3, BOS
English Spot lilac buck Gandalf BOV x2, BOS
English Spot lilac doe Plum Pudding BOSV x3

Show legs earned will be announced when the official reports come in and can be confirmed. I never can take notes fast enough to keep up with all the rabbits and judges during the shows. Good, good times. We are looking forward to our next trip coming soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Upcoming Show in Alvarado, TX


We are finally attending another show. It has been months and months since our last chance to do this back in February. So we are excited to be attending the one upcoming next weekend. Our entry forms are in and we will see our fellow breeders in Alvarado soon! Photos are for cuteness. It is my daughter's Mini Lop doe who will be joining us on this trip. Lovingly named Shiitake. Yes like the mushrooms.