Thursday, October 24, 2019

Our First Fall Litters of Mini Rex are Here

We have had an exciting and busy week. Our mini rex does are starting to have their babies. Meet our newest additions to the rabbitry.

Our black doe Polly and our black buck Dalek have had their first litter. Polly had a small litter of three. A black and what looks to be a harlequin. There is also a wee little runt. We were surprised to see the harlequin one since both parents are black. I guess it goes to show when there are tri-colors in the background their marking can turn up when not expected. They were born on the 21st.

Our red doe Butterscotch and our tri color buck Yenogoo also delivered kits this week. Two more little kits one a harlequin and one a tri color. Mama was not thrilled with us taking photos. But they are eating well and keeping each other warm, so you can't ask for more than that.  They were born on the 23rd.

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