Monday, January 17, 2022

Killeen, TX Mid-Tex RBA Show Results

 We had so much fun at the this show in Killeen, TX.  But then when you get to road trip with your family, see friends and compete in a rabbit show who wouldn't have a blast.

New Zealand:

#TB94K Kestrel won Best of Variety

Mini Lop:

Clarissa's was so excited for her wins this weekend.  She won her very first Best of Breed and Best of Variety was with her chestnut doe #TB51C Cinnamon.  I am so proud of all her hard work and determination that helped her get to this point.

English Spot:

Seriah was so excited to see another English Spot breeder who was showing.  She took home a couple of wins herself and really enjoyed being at the show and helping to write comments for the judges.

#SBTM won Best of Variety
#SBWR won Best Opposite of Variety
#SBCC won Best of Variety and Best Opposite of Breed

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