Friday, March 22, 2019

Rabbitry Record Keeping: Basic Health Chart Free Download

I have started to discover that if you are going to run and maintain a rabbitry with more than three or four rabbits that keeping good health records on each of your rabbits is essential.  Having a written record of what is going on with each rabbit, such as:
  • how much they weigh
  • when you do nail trims
  • any treatments for injury or illness
  • breeding records
All of this is important information to have and keep in order to take good care of your animals.  There are a lot of ways that you can track this kind of information, and I admit that I mostly use a computer software program to store all of this information digitally.  However I have yet to find a way to export an entire animals records into a file for easy printing from the program I use.  This means that when I sell an animal I need to create a paper copy of all the information.

A friend of mine Laura Thomas from Chughole Farm Rabbitry inspired me when I purchased a couple of her Red New Zealands a while back with her health records she included with each rabbit for me and so I got to thinking that this could only benefit the future owners of the rabbits I sell as well.  And so with her permission to tweak and recreate her health chart to suit my needs I have created a Rabbit Health Chart that I use regularly.  And I am making available to all of you to download and use for free.

My hope in creating this free resource is to promote better awareness and add to the responsible care and keeping of rabbits.  As my own children show an interest in raising their own breeds of rabbits I know this will also go a long way in helping our youth and 4-H groups learn how to keep detailed records.

I have the PDF file available through google drive to download here.  This is a free printable resource.  Please feel free the make changes to it to suit your needs and use as many copies as you like.  I only ask that you direct people to my blog to download their own copy and do not host the file anywhere on the internet without written permission from me.  Thank you.  If you love the health chart and want to say thanks we are always accepting donations to help feed the rabbits.

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