Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Stephens County RBA Show Results

 We are home from our latest show with the Stephens County RBA in Duncan, OK.  It was a fun couple of days and a great show.  I had the opportunity to meet some new breeders who raise New Zealands and enjoyed visiting with friends and breeders that I already knew.

Everyone is relaxing before the next show starts

With three shows in one weekend, the rabbits got a chance to spend some time hanging out and relaxing in their carriers in between shows.  With the new additions that joined us at the show (more info on them coming soon) I ran out of carrier space and ended up buying an extra carrier to bring everyone home in.  Which was so silly because I took my daughter's mini rex that she showed on Friday home that evening along with my extra carrier.  I learned a lesson that day, always have an extra carrier space until the end of the show.  It will be nice to have another transport carrier though so I won't complain too much.


A couple of the rabbits I took did pretty well this weekend and for that I am pleased.  Our first winner is Thunderstorm a broken black New Zealand.  His wins this weekend were exciting for me because he is from the very first litter that I have bred and raised here at the bowery.  He took best of variety and best opposite sex of breed in one of the three shows this past weekend.

I had even offered him for sale to a couple of people looking to get into showing rabbits in 4-H this weekend.  I am kind of glad that they decided not to purchase him as this confirms that he is growing well and I am looking forward to seeing how he does in the future as well.  With such a sweet disposition and showing promise on the show table I look forward to watching him continue to develop and we will see how he does as an intermediate buck in the near future.

North Star

Our next winner is one of my foundation white New Zealand herd does from Joy Griffin.  She has done well on the show table before and continues to impress me more and more as she grows and develops.  We have finally picked a name for her and call her North Star here around the barn.  She took best of variety in whites in all three shows this weekend.  We are enjoying watching her grow and blossom and will be breeding her with our white buck Cirrus in the near future for our very first litter of whites.  He already has 4 legs from the first couple of shows he attended and I am super excited to see what these two will bring to the table as a breeding pair once North Star is old enough to be a mama.

Some of our other juniors took a couple firsts in their class and we are also looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow and develop.  The next show we are planning to attend is at the end of this month in Stillwater, OK.

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