Wednesday, May 1, 2019

10th Annual Fibber McGhee Memorial Show Results & Our First Grand Champion

April has been a slow month for us here at the Bowery.  We had planned to attend a couple of shows and family things came up that prevented us from attending.  So we have been looking at our May calendar and are hoping to squeeze in an extra show to make up for the ones we missed.

We received our show reports this week from the 10th Annual Fibber McGhee Memorial Show in Stillwater, OK.  I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised.  Usually I am pretty good at tracking my new zealands and I already know how they placed while I am at the show.  Somehow I missed the fact that our junior broken red doe Coppertina managed to win herself her first leg towards a grand championship with a Best Opposite of Variety.

Our newest black junior buck Duke Frederick also showed well and won his first leg with a Best of Variety.

Our junior red doe Burgundy Lace who has already been placing really and won her first leg with a Best of Variety award.

Finally our broken black buck Thunderstorm won his second leg with a Best of Variety.  It was a great weekend with fun times visiting and chatting with friends.

We also had a chance to send off the paperwork and our Black New Zealand Hunts Swift is now officially a grand champion.  He is a doll and we are already seeing good things from him as his son Thunderstorm is showing and competing very well.  We are expecting more good things to come as he sires the next generation.

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