Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Batton's Rabbitry adds some fresh bloodlines to our rabbitry

We recently got to add a couple of new bucks to our herd bringing in some promising characteristics and hopefully adding to our show team and future breeding program.  Meet our newest boys.

Meet one of our junior bucks Duke Frederick.  He joined us from Batton Rabbitry and is already showing well.  Born on December 1, 2018 we showed him as a junior the weekend we picked him up from Tate Batton at the Stillwater, OK show.  His picture really doesn't do him justice as he is growing and developing into a nice looking buck.  A big thank you goes out to Tate for helping us add another amazing guy to our show team and future breeding program.

Meet Sir Rowland de Bois born January 2, 2019 He also comes to us from Tate as one of our future foundation herd bucks as we venture into breeding white New Zealands.  He has a prety mellow personality and while he doesn't care so much about being picked up and taken out of his hutch he enjoys the attention once you have him in your arms or on the grooming table.  Still a pre-junior when we came home from the show in Stillwater, OK; we have been watching him grow and are looking forward to getting him on the show table in May.

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