Monday, April 20, 2020

We Are Raising Mini Satins

I am ready to announce that we have decided to raise Mini Satins. My youngest daughter has expressed an interest in coming to the shows and having her own rabbits. So with the help of a couple of different breeders we have managed to add a couple of does and a couple of bucks to the rabbitry and they now have their first litters on the ground as well. My 6 year old is excited and has fun peeking in on them and helping me with nestbox checks everyday.

Our first litter is out of a blue silver marten doe named Blue Skies and our black otter 5C's Shadow. And our second litter is from our black otter doe 5C's Star and our black silver marten buck TS Gull. The babies are doing great and we are excited to see the different colors coming in as they are getting their fur. Both litters were born on the 10th and should start opening their eyes any day now.

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