Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Our Holland Lops Are Growing

Finally since today seems to be the day for announcements we are pleased to share that we finally have three litters of Holland Lops that are growing well.

As some know it has been a rough winter and spring for us as we lost several of our rabbits and have been struggling with getting good size litters from our Holland Lops especially.

WH's Kana and LMB's Scott have given us a litter of 3 black torts who are full of energy and doing well. Quietcreek's Peanut Butter and LMB's Scott have given us a litter of 4 black torts that are thriving and will be weaning age in just a couple of weeks. Our very own homegrown doe TB's Enekya and KB Greens' Blue Cheese have give us a litter of 3 with some color: 1 is black, 1 is broken black and 1 is broken black tort.

Treysen is beyond thrilled with his new babies and is hopeful that one of these boys will be ready to step into his father's shoes in a few months as this is LMB's Scott's last litters. We are also looking forward to seeing if any of them will be a part of our fall show team when life gets to be a little more normal and we have a rabbit show to attend.

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