Saturday, March 27, 2021

Stillwater Tulsa RBA Show March 27th

We have had a blast today in Stillwater at the Tulsa RBA show. Our broken black junior New Zealand doe Kestrel won Best of Breed in show A.

Our youngest daughter got to attend her very first show as an exhibitor and she had a wonderful time.  I am one proud mama today to see all her hard work pay off.  She spent all week before the show working everyday with picking up and carrying her rabbit safely, learning how to weigh him and trim his nails as well as all the grooming and pre-show work that goes into getting ready and attending a show.  I see a lot of shows in her future.  She had such a great time.


  1. Looking for a new Zealand eitherba Viennaarked or breed tested vienna carrier

    1. Thank you for your interest in our rabbits. Unfortunately I think there may be some confusion as the vienna gene is not one you would find in the New Zealand breed. It is found in the dutch breed and in blue eyed whites. Since we don't raise either the breed or that color variety we don't have any rabbits that carry this gene. Good luck with your search though.