Seriah's English Spots

Here is Seriah's page where you can see the current bunnies in the barn and stay up to date on new litters of kits as well as awards and updates from the latest shows her rabbits have attended. 

Meet Copperfield.  He is our first buck that we have bred and raised ourselves.  He was born April 27, 2019 and is out of BASAF Bro who was Houdini's brother and Marika.  He is a sweet energetic thing, who is constantly hoping around his cage trying to get your attention.  And yet for all of that he once you reach in to pet him or pick him up he still dashes for a corner.  We enjoy watching his antics and are hoping with more handling time he will be more used to us holding him. (Picture Coming Soon)

Meet Marika.  She is a chocolate doe that we had the privilege to add to our rabbitry a few months ago from Patrick Austin.  She is a sweet rabbit and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of a mother she will be in the coming fall. (Picture Coming Soon)

Lots of new rabbits are coming to the website soon.  I have gotten a little bit behind on posting photos and keeping our page up to date.  So Check Back Soon.

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