Monday, October 15, 2018

And It was Bunny LOVE at First Sight

Who would have thought that having my sister visit last week while her son was on fall break from school would allow her to check off one of the items from her bucket list.

Hold and snuggle a giant and cute bunny rabbit. CHECK

My sister Jenelle had a wonderful time with me at the Tulsa State Fair just letting our buck Carrots lounge and dose in her lap as she petted and loved on a soft ten pound snuggle bunny.

Not to be out done or maybe the other bunnies at the fair just had a bigger arsenal up their furry sleeve because my other sister Heather spent time holding and snuggling our buck Tucker; after which we wandered up and down the isles admiring all the different breeds of rabbits from the great big ones to the itty-bitty ones. Then it happened and my sister spied one of the may for sale tags. I think I would have had to pull teeth to talk her out of buying the rabbit she was so certain that this was the one she wanted. And again it was Bunny Love at first sight.

Meet Ajax Heather's new Mini-Rex Black Otter Buck. He is hyper and energetic, he loves to explore looking at everything and smelling everything. He will try to escape his cage the minute the door is open for him by using my sister's leg as a step stool to get out. And he will eat parsley faster then you can feed it him so we lovingly call him the parsley fiend.

I wonder what my dad will say when my sister comes home with a new pet bunny?

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