Thursday, October 4, 2018

Oklahoma State Fair Results are In and We Couldn't Be Happier!

Okay so I know this has been a long time coming since the fair was September 22nd and I am just now posting results but the results are in and we are so excited to share with you how our very first fair experience went.

We arrived at 7:30 am and spent a wonderful day meeting a couple of new rabbit breeders and admiring many rabbit breeds that until then I had only seen pictures of.  My daughter Clarissa is now positive that she wants a Magpie Harlequin Rabbit of her very own.  The thought makes me smile.  But little does she know yet, she will have to earn everything needed to house and care for the said rabbit before she can find a breeder to purchase one.  She has already purchased a cage, so she is well on her way.

Clarissa handled getting our New Zealands to and from the show table like a champ and all three of them placed and did well.  These three bunnies will be headed to the Tulsa State Fair this Saturday so come find us and say hello.  We would love to meet other rabbit breeders and enthusiasts.
Red New Zealand Buck: Carrots Best Opposite of Variety
Red New Zealand Doe: Scarlett Best of Breed and Best of Variety
Broken Red New Zealand Buck: Tucker Best of Variety and Best Opposite of Breed

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