Saturday, October 27, 2018

First Litter of Fall Kits Arrive

Early morning and busy day planned for us today.  I had a couple hour drive to pick up a new buck for our herd and when I went out to the barn early this morning to prep the transport cage and get things ready to go I saw our doe Sassy pulling fur.  Peeking into her nesting box, there was no sign of kits so I let her be excited at the prospect of coming home from my trip to a nest full of baby bunnies.

My drive was uneventful and we have a new rabbit who you will meet soon, travel is always a bit hard on them so I want to give him a couple days to take in his new surroundings before handling him too much or asking him to pose for the camera.  So more about him another day.

During that drive however I got an extremely excited call from my kids. "We have babies mom! We have babies!"  It was hard to understand them they were so excited.  They told me that we had three broken colored babies and they hadn't opened the cage just looked at them through the bars.  I worried about them disturbing her, but it was too late now and at least they hadn't put their hands in the cage.

When I got home I checked on her and discovered three kits.  However my discovery was not the same as my daughters.  Because after cleaning up the bloody straw and checking that all the kits were alive I counted two broken colored kits and one solid black kit.  This completely upset my poor teenage daughter who insisted that one was missing and then shoved her phone into my hand as proof and sure enough on the video there was another broken colored kit.

We searched everywhere.  In around, under and through out the nest, nothing and I have come to the conclusion that for whatever reason mama rabbit culled that kit and cleaned up the mess herself.  This lead to a very frank discussion about instincts in rabbits with my kids and how they shouldn't get so hyper, loud and excited when we have a doe kindle because it can make mama freak out.  Hard life lessons learned for my kids today I am afraid.

On an up note though we have three very cute wiggling balls of baby bunny in a nest in here at the bowery and we are so excited to watch them grow and develop over the next few weeks.  This is also the first litter that Swift has sired and we are very excited to see how they develop in that regard as well.

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