Sunday, January 20, 2019

Kit's Photo Shoot Amounts to Blurry Photos

Well the kids and I spent another afternoon in the rabbitry checking on all the rabbits.  We did nail trims, and weight checks, and took the chance to photograph all our growing litters of kits.  They are so jumpy and wiggly as they get bigger and trying to get them to sit still for photo's is no small task.  Most of the photo's we took today ended up with hands in the way to keep kits from jumping off the table or very blurry because a baby or two bounced or moved the second the camera snapped the photo.

But here they are updates on all our current litters:

Love Hart's and Tucker's kits are now 8 days old and already trying to crawl everywhere even if their eyes aren't quite open yet.  Only nine of the twelve are in the photos because I fostered three of them over to Scarlett our red doe to help her single kit survive and stay warm enough.  The three are doing great too.

Sardona's and Swift's kits are now 3 weeks old their eyes are open and they are no longer in a nest box, but are happily scampering around Sardona's cage with her.  Their antics are so funny to watch as they try to climb all over mom, the feeder, and even up the hutch side walls.  I can honestly say I have never seen a rabbit climb cage wire until this afternoon.

Lillian and Tucker's kits will be three weeks old tomorrow and they are more squirrely and wiggly than Sardona's kits.  I also find it interesting that while they are a day younger than Sardona's kits they are actually several ounces bigger on average than her babies.

Scarlett and Carrots single kit is now nine days old and is growing and doing well.  It is almost half again as big as its foster siblings.  Who knew how much a single day could make in the life and size of a baby rabbit.

And last but by no means least we have our very first successful litter of Mini Rex from Clarilla and Yenogoo.  They will be a week old tomorrow and are starting to get their fur and show colors.  Looks like we will be adding a little black and a little broken castor to the spring show team when they get big enough.

I hope you all enjoyed the update on our baby rabbits as much as I enjoyed playing with them and taking photos this afternoon.

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