Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Little Pumpkin Queen Joins the Herd

Shortly before Christmas I was given the opportunity to meet with a tri-color mini rex breeder to purchase a young doe.  Her name is Pumpkin Queen because she was born just before Halloween.  My daughter wanted to come with me to pick her up so badly even though it was a school day.

She is a tiny ball of fluff who is a little bit nervous about her new surroundings but, is sweet enough to enjoy being held everyday by the kids and so far seems to be mellow about being handled for which I am very grateful.

We are looking forward to watching her grow and seeing how her fur comes in and what the judges think of her once she is big enough to join our show team.  A big thank you goes to Crystal Fischer from Fischer Rabbitry for meeting with me and letting us bring this lovely girl home.

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