Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mini Rex Rabbits Join the Bowery

So last week I found out that an acquaintance of mine was selling out her rabbits and looking for new homes for them.  She wanted to make sure that they went to a good home and my friend gave Clarissa and I a stellar deal that helped us boost her breeding program with a fantastic start to breeding blacks and broken black Mini Rexes.  They came from living in a colony and all of them have a few scrapes and scars to show for it but they are going to be great for breeding and we will be able to show their babies in the future.


Holly a pedigreed Blue Mini-Rex born on September 4, 2018 out of Kristdala's lines.  She is young a a sweetheart.  An absolute joy to handle and deal with we are teaching her how to pose and are hoping to add her to my daughter's show team this spring.

Polly a pedigreed Black Mini-Rex born also born on September 4, 2018 and a litter mate to Holly.  She has a tiny nick out of an ear tip from living in a colony but with her frame and body type we are looking forward to seeing how she develops and breeding her in the future.

Gretchen a pedigreed Black Mini-Rex born on May 12, 2018 out of Blackfox, Redelman, and Minnow Lake lines.  She also has a badly torn ear from living in a big group and although she won't make the show team we are looking forward to breeding her and seeing what her babies have to offer.

Julio a pedigreed Broken Black Mini-Rex born on July 1, 2017 out of Kristdala's lines.  He is a sweetheart who loves attention and will take all he can get.  He is now recovering from a nose injury after living with a group of boys and seems to like having his own space.  He is completely against sitting still and posing so getting a good photo of him is going to be an ongoing challenge.

Missing Lynx a Broken Lynx Mini Rex born on July 14, 2018.  We are still building his pedigree and after the good things the judges have had to say about him we are looking forward to not only adding him to Clarissa's show team this spring but also continuing to build a pedigree for him and seeing what his future offspring will have to offer.

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