Monday, February 25, 2019

Our Mini Rex Babies aren't Mini Rex Like We Thought!

We have been having a wonderful time watching our black Mini Rex doe Gretchen raise her current litter.  As they have gotten their fur and started opening their eyes and exploring the nest and the rest of the world we have discovered that they don't have any of the markers of a Mini Rex kit.

Upon purchase date and kindle date inspection we realized that she came to us already bred to what we think is a Netherland Dwarf.  So while we love how sweet and cuddly the kits all are and we love how well they are growing we will not be keeping any of them.

All of her current kits will be available for purchase once they are weaned and eight weeks old.  The one thing that this litter has told us is that our doe carries dilute genes and we are planning to pair her with Missing Lynx our broken lynx colored buck for her next breeding.

We are currently taking deposits on these wonderful little guys.  Their sale price is $30.00.  They will be ready for new homes on March 31st.

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