Monday, November 5, 2018

10 Days Old and They Begin to See the World

Our newest litter is now ten days old.  They have started opening their eyes today and are nosing around their nest box a little bit more.  I am so pleased with Swift and Sassy's first litter together, or maybe I am just pleased to have a new litter of baby bunnies in the barn right now.  They wouldn't sit still for pictures and I didn't want to keep them out of their nest for long.  But we snapped a quick photo and weighed each of them.  They are growing well.  Our black kit weighed in at 0.8oz, our broken kit with no markings on its nose weighed in at 0.8oz, and our third kit weighed in at 0.9oz.  I can't wait to see they bouncing around the nest box and exploring.

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