Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Just a Boy and His Bunny

We spent a couple weekends ago at the East Texas Rabbit Breeders Association (ETRBA) show in Mesquite, TX and we had a wonderful time.  We took several of our rabbits and a couple of them did quite well, but we are waiting to announce results until the official show report is received.

While the older three of my children and I were there at the show in between showing the rabbits they walked and walked the showroom.  At first I thought they were just enjoying seeing all the different breeds of rabbits, and meeting new people.  As I saw them talking to several people.  And I couldn't help but think good for them.  Being confident and being more outgoing then I was.  Oh I met new people and I enjoyed conversations but I certainly didn't seem to be attracting it the way my kids were.

Then my son came to me with excitement in his eyes and the hopeful expression on his face that I was certain meant trouble.  He explains to me that he has found the perfect Holland Lop rabbit and it is for sale and he wants to buy her.  She is a really nice doe and I just have to come see her for myself.  Well I was surprised and completely unprepared for this to happen.  My parent brain should have known better though.  So we went over and talked to both sets of people who had the only Holland Lops for sale at this particular show that we saw.

I asked questions about lops and we were warned that they are hard to breed and to expect a lot of litters to not survive.  We were also told that it is pretty competitive and that if he wanted to do well, he would have to be willing to spend a couple hundred dollars per rabbit.  Something I am not sure I was willing to do.  I know that pedigree show rabbits are more expensive I certainly didn't get my new zealands cheap, but several hundred dollars for one rabbit for a ten year old to try out a hobby is hard for me to contemplate and I can't begin to consider doing this.  Especially if I want him to learn responsibility and to earn his own way.

So I told Treysen that the decision was his because it would be his project.  He would be expected to pay for his own rabbits, their cages, supplies and feed.  He decided that this little black tort junior doe really was perfect for him and he spent his own money to buy her and bring her home.  My son couldn't be happier as she gives him smaller rabbits to handle and show.  I think my new zealands were a little bigger than he felt he could handle.  And he is saving his pennies for his next bunny purchase.

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