Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Junior Doe and Blue Gene Carrier Joins the Family

You go to the rabbit show expecting to show off your rabbits and win a few legs if they do well and what happens?  This rabbit owner comes home with a new doe for the rabbitry.  I had originally been looking for another solid black doe or another red doe since I only have one of each of those at present, but when the opportunity came to add a little young junior who is a blue gene carrier to herd I admit that I couldn't resist.  If she had been white, or even just broken black I could have resisted.  But the chance to eventually breed blue new zealands was too tempting.

She quickly gained the name Sardona after the gemstone Sardonix.  We just wanted it to sound more feminine.  And teaching her to be okay with daily handling and posing could be an interesting challenge.  But we are up for it.  And a huge thank you goes out to Jennifer Lynne Smith for being willing to part with such a gem of a doe.  We are so grateful to you for letting us add her to our rabbitry family.

Sardona is still a youngster and was born June 26, 2018.  She gets her broken black coloring from her sire's side but everyone on her dam's side is a blue or broken blue.  And we are truly excited about the gene's she carries.

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