Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sardona & Swift's Kits Arrive

We are excited and pleased to announce that Sardona our Broken Black New Zealand doe kindled this afternoon and delivered 8 kits.  Two look to be solid and the rest are broken.  She is off to a good start with this first time litter.  She made a beautiful nest and pulled tons of fur to help keep her winter babies nice and warm.

She was also very chatty through the whole process and chirps and chatters could be heard throughout the barn before, during and after kindling.  She has always been a talker.  I am also pleased that with this being her first litter while she was protective of the nest box, she didn't bite or get aggressive with me while I checked it.

Sardona also happens to be my only blue gene carrier in the barn, so while I don't expect any blues, it will be interesting to see how these kits look as their fur comes in.

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