Sunday, December 23, 2018

5 Weeks Old and Playing Leapfrog

Update on Baccara Rose & Swift's Kits.

They are growing well and will hit the 5 week mark on Christmas Day. 2 does and 3 bucks and one baby I am just not certain about yet.

We have also picked names for all of them:

Black Velvet
Black Pearl

We also had an unfortunate injury recently as well.  Mama caught and ripped an ear on one of the kits during nursing time.  It is healing up okay but there is going to be a scar and he won't be a show prospect unless it heals together completely and the scar is not super obvious.

Which means that I will have one buck for sale as brood or pet quality when these guys wean in mid January.

All of them are super friendly and love to explore.  They crowd the hutch door when we come out for feeding and visiting time so they can be the first out for holding and whatever else we are doing that day.  They also seem to have decided that the best game is leapfrog over the top of mama.  It is so much fun to watch their antics at this age.

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