Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Onyx for Sale

It is with mixed feeling that we retire our good boy Onyx from the show team.  He is a doll to work with and has a wonderful personality with firm meaty loin and hindquarters and the size and width you want with new zealands, but as he approaches the two year old mark its time to give some of our up and coming bucks a chance to show what they have.  Still in his prime as far a brood buck goes and especially good for producing large litters and solid meat rabbits, we are currently using him in our breeding program but are now offering him for sale.

Meet our buck Onyx.  Born November 9, 2016; he is a (proven) pedigreed Black New Zealand.  Out of Rowbotham's line of rabbits.  He seems quite content to get attention especially if you will stroke his nose and forehead.  We are asking $50.00 for him.

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