Friday, December 7, 2018

O Holland Lops, O Holland Lops, Welcome to the Family

As the holiday season approaches I find myself wandering the rabbit breeders and rabbit sale groups on Facebook, looking for those bunnies that need to be re-homed because nobody has time for them anymore, or meat rabbits that people are getting rid of because they don't want to raise them anymore, and even looking for the next perfect rabbit that I just have to have for my show team for next year, that might or might not be on sale because of the holidays and people wanting or needing extra barn space or spending money.

Of coarse I found a group of Holland Lops that I couldn't resist.  Don't we always find something we want when we spend time window shopping?  The seven of these rabbits came together and I am beyond pleased to announce that we will be raising, breeding, showing and selling pedigreed Blue Eyed White Holland Lops in the very near future.  A big thank you goes to Lisa Weeks for allowing us the privledge of taking in her rabbits and adding them to the herd.

Meet Cookie a proven senior Black Tort doe from Quietcreek's lines born on May 7, 2014.  She is going to make a lovely addition to Treysen's Black Tort breeding lines.

Meet Ginger Snap a senior Blue Tort doe also from Quietcreek's lines and one of Cookie's daughters.  Born August 15, 2017 we are looking forward to seeing what she has to offer as a dam and on the show team in the spring.

Meet Vanilla N' Cream our proven senior Blue Eyed White doe.  She is from the Get Lucky Rabbitry out of Missouri.  Born May 19, 2015 we are looking forward to breeding her and seeing what her offspring have to offer.  She is being partnered with Socks and will hopefully be expecting soon.

Meet Sapphire a lovely Blue Vienna Marked senior doe.  You would almost miss the vienna markings completely except for a very small white spot on the tip of her nose.  Born October 15, 2017 she is a full sister to Socks and since her sire was blue eyed white, we are looking forward to breeding her and seeing what her children have in store for us.

Meet Mystique a senior broken blue tort doe.  She is very lightly marked and unfortunately missing her nose markings which will keep her from joining the show team.  We are going to be test breeding her to determine if she is a poorly marked broken or a vienna carrier who could be added to our blue eyed white program.

Meet Smoky a senior broken blue tort buck.  He likes to lay around and get attention and is already making himself a favorite among the children.  We are looking forward to starting a line of blue torts and he is going to be partnered with Ginger Snap in the near future.

Meet Socks a senior Black - Vienna Marked blue eyed buck.  One of Cookie's sons with a blue eyed white sire.  Born on October 15, 2017.  While his vienna markings keep him from the show table, the fact that he is a blue eyed white carrier gives us great hopes that he will help give us a strong start to our blue eyed white lines.

All of our new additions are get settled into the barn here at the bowery and we will begin working with them on posing.  What a wonderful holiday addition and the babies we will be looking forward to showing in the spring.  My son Treysen is in heaven with these new bunnies in the barn and I admit that I have caught his enthusiasm.

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