Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Gifts are Here!

Meet Clarissa's Christmas doe.  She is awaiting a name until after Christmas when Clarissa finally learns about her and gets to pick one for her.  We will see what she come up with.  She is a red mini rex doe who was born on January 11, 2018.  A big Thank you goes to Steven Mckinney from Our Wild Hares Rabbitry who sold her to us and let her join my daughters mini rex herd.  She is the sweetest thing and loves to be held and get attention.

Meet Seriah's Christmas doe.  She doesn't know it yet but we have added a wonderful young pedigreed chocolate English Spot doe to the herd.  Still a junior she was born July 28, 2018.  A big Thank you goes to my friend Ginger Reich at Elkhorn Rabbitry for getting me set up with her and helping make my daughters Christmas an exciting one.She is full of energy and loves to get attention.  I am looking for to finding out what my daughter will name her and see how she does at the shows this spring.

Meet Treysen's Christmas buck.  He is a proven pedigreed senior Black Tort Holland Lop buck.  Born May 9, 2016.  He has the funniest personality ever.  Every time I come into the rabbitry he is dancing in circles and making little noises of excitement.  He spins and chirps and simply can't wait until you pick him up and pet him.  He is such a mellow guy and I think Treysen is going to absolutely love him.  A big thank you goes to Rocky Meadow Farm for letting us add this wonderful guy to my son's holland lop herd.

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