Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How Do You Wrap a Live Rabbit and Put It Under the Christmas Tree?

Christmas has been much anticipated by me this year.  With my three older children starting to raise rabbits with me I found it to be the perfect time to surprise them with a hutch and a rabbit to add to their breeding goals.

First came the rabbit shopping.  Contacting breeders to find out what is available and arranging time to drive out and pick them up.

Then comes the big question of where and how to hide a rabbit until Christmas.  It all started with the first rabbit to come home for Christmas back in the being of November.  I made a three hour drive round trip to pick up my son's gift.  Then brought one of my daughters gifts home from a show a couple days later.  So how do you hide a rabbit for a month and a half until Christmas time?

Well if you are me, you stack boxes and plywood in a corner of the workshop where the other bunnies live and you leave enough space behind them to tuck the rabbits.  Then you place hide and seek and try to be sneaky twice a day everyday until Christmas morning so the kids don't see you going back there for feeding times and cage cleaning.

This only mostly worked.  By the time we got to Thanksgiving I had failed to be sneaky and my kids were told to just stay out of the corner or they would ruin their Christmas.  I admit that I could have done a better job, maybe kept them in the horse trailer or something.

Then comes the challenge of how do you wrap a live rabbit in a cage to stick it under the tree?  My answer?  Well you don't of coarse.  You print a copy of the rabbits pedigree and roll it into a fancy scroll tied up with ribbon and a tag.  This fits under a tree much nicer than an entire cage and rabbit.  Plus it gives them the added bonus of having to run out to the workshop to find their rabbit.

So we have three new rabbits that have joined the herd and they all have new names:

Butterscotch and red mini rex doe

Chocolate Chip a chocolate english spot doe

Kaire a black tort holland lop buck

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